About Us

Integras — it means “fresh” in Greek. We bring a fresh approach by making academic conversations accessible for the millennial crowd.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to provide an avenue for Christian millenials to engage in conversations about faith, politics and relevant social issues.



We believe that Christians have a responsibility to be informed citizens, to live out their civic duties, and to be representatives for Christ and His Kingdom in our society.  This, however, requires four things of us.

INTEGRITY. Always search for Scripturally-grounded truth.

INTELLECT. Seek to be informed instead of just opinionated.

INTERACTION. Interact with those who agree with you and disagree. Join a conversation.

INTEGRATION. This is the stage we often believe is forsaken. Young people tend to focus on individual subjects (faith, politics, society) and fail to see their intricate interconnections.  As Christians, we believe that our faith affects the fabric of everyday life in a way that transcends boundaries, language and preconceptions.  That is why we encourage millennials to engage in these discussions — widen your worldview.  Seek to understand and integrate your faith with your actions.